About us

Dimatiling trading & projects is a company that produce excellence, quality jobs, and has also endeavoured to position itself in such a way that it will deliver high-quality jobs as professionally as possible.

Our aim is:

  • to give service to our customer in all market sector to the best of our ability at all time
  • to satisfy our customers need and to continue to provide gainful employment for all of our members of the company.

Our values

  • winning through teamwork
  • integrity
  • good communication with our customer
  • professionalism
  • long-term customer relationship

Dimatiling trading & projects are committed to the safety and health of all its employees and its subcontractor’s employees. In the effort to make projects site accident free, we take the very practical action necessary to make the working conditions as free as possible from the hazards that exist within the construction industry. Construction cc requires that all subcontractors provide written evidence of a program and enforcement procedures which provide a safer working place for our employees and sub-contractors.

The effectiveness of our safety policies is demonstrated by the positive safety performance we have observed over the past ten years. We can, therefore, boast as a third generation construction company, with ten years experience in the construction industry in South Africa throughout all provinces with the best safe working environment. In this regard, we conducted and successfully completed projects worth thousands of rands over the past ten years.

Company overview

General outline
Dimatiling trading & projects is owned and managed by Patrick

Field of expertise
Dimatiling trading & projects specialize in:

  • Tiling
  • Floor laminating
  • Painting

We have completed many successful projects. Regardless of the size of the building from cottages mansions, shopping centre’s and offices blocks, we have the infrastructure to complete the project professionally and efficiently. Dimatiling always works by the standards prescribed by the customer.

Dimatiling regards innovative management as part of its construction process.

Support structure
By getting a financial assistance Dimatiling can improve
It’s management structure
Gain added flexibility for meetings the needs of its customer’s.
Ensure great organisational in dealing with the needs for update management in information

Black economic empowerment
Our commitment to the implementation of affirmative introduced by the government is demonstrated by giving employment to underprivileged people.
The leadership of Dimatiling trading & projects
Members: Patrick

Dima tiling trading & projects for technical field of the company. Has ten years experience in civil engineering. He is the core owner of the company and has conducted several projects in construction and many other projects.

Is responsible for finance of the company with ten years in the financial management. He is the core- owner of the company and has financially managed several construction projects in South Africa